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Venoco’s Paredon Project Defeated! June 9, 2010

Filed under: Environmental Stuff — dressclown @ 2:58 pm

I’m raising a glass (of coffee, it’s early) to all my fellow voters who quashed Venoco’s awful Measure J propsal to slant drill down the street from our house.

Since they don’t speak English well, I’ll also thank you on behalf of the seals who live at the rookery down the street, too.

Without even remotely overstating it, what happened yesterday at the polls quite literally saved our town from economic and environmental disaster. I couldn’t be more thrilled; now we don’t have to move.

To see just how close this monsrosity would have been to us and the seals, check out this picture from Citizens Against Paredon.  If you look to the left near that group of bushes, you can see me giving Venoco the finger.


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