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Fall At Your Feet August 3, 2010

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I must be having one of those full moon weeks because it’s been full of irritation and it’s only Tuesday!

My first irritation actually came on Friday morning around 5 a.m. when I went to Rincon where I’d *heard* there were gianttific (shout out to a portmanteau-obsessed friend) swells coming in from the left. My favorite! Only, they were nowhere to be found. Neither was the sun, which is an entirely different irritation. But instead of sun and waves there was a beach full of jellyfish. We have had so many of these critters here this year that I have seen about ten times the amount in one week that I’ve seen in my entire life prior to this invasion.

They are fascinating in the water, but really gloppy and ugly on the beach.  One was the size of a large dog and had tentacles (or, what are those called? Streamers?) that went on for at least seven feet.  My husband made an interesting observation, particularly considering he may still have been asleep at 5 a.m. He said that there was no internal structure that was visible in them. It was hard to tell what part of the body we were seeing, but it was like a giant glob of clear NOTHING. You could see right through it to magnified sand beneath it. Bizarre.  What is in there? Do they have a brain? I guess lungs aren’t really in there. But what else? Anyone know? (I didn’t pay much attention in marine biology.)

Also, while driving home this weekend, I heard what can only be described as the worst cover of a song in the history of the universe and beyond.

James Blunt (see, already?) covered one of my all time favorite of favorites, Fall at Your Feet. Originally written by the amazing Neil Finn and recorded by Crowded House, this song was absolutely totally butchered by Blunt. James Fucking Blunt. As in Force-Trauma. Jesus H. Christ. Just awful under normal circumstances. But with this song? I’m just gutted that this version of such a truly beautiful song is out there in the world, floating around, corrupting innocent ears and senses as it floats through the air like…..ebola or something.

I realize a lot of people haven’t even heard this song to begin with, so it’s even more distressing that Blunt’s version might be their first exposure to it. Ugh. Travesty. So I’ve included a link to the original version of the song performed by the original writer/singer.

Most beautiful lyrics ever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to throw jellyfish at James Blunt….


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